Peanut chilli bread

Earlier today I caught the train into town to watch the London marathon. I’ve never been to watch it before, but knew someone running in this year’s race, so thought it would be a good year to make the effort. It’s quite a spectacle. I watched from around mile 13, on ‘The Highway’ in Shadwell, which meant that I got to see the runners in both directions. The professionals seem to run the entire marathon and what I’d consider to be my sprinting pace. Very humbling. I’ll stick to cycling, I think.

When I came back, I had the Chinese Grand Prix re-run to enjoy, and decided to combine watching it with some bread baking. Still wanting to make use of my newly acquired tahini, I settled on this peanut chilli bread recipe, from the ever-reliable baking-guru, Dan Lepard.

I didn’t have any whole cumin seeds, so used the same amount of ground cumin instead, and I roasted my own peanuts, to avoid paying a premium in the shops for roasted peanuts that have inevitably been drenched in masses of salt. I also subbed 50g of the white flour for rye, to go some way to using up the bag I have at the back of my cupboard, and have had at the back of my cupboard for longer than can be healthy.

Everything came together really well. Instead of making three separate loaves, I made one large one, and slashed it laterally instead of down the centre line, baking it for about 45 minutes and covering it with foil after about 20. In hindsight, in terms of presentation, I think following Dan Lepard’s ‘three-loaves slashed down their length’ approach would have worked better. But it’s got a really good soft texture, with a subtle peanut/sesame/can’t quite put my finger on it taste, with an occasional fiery kick from the flecks of chilli. I paired it with some roasted carrot and ginger soup that I whizzed up while the bread was baking.

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