Rice pudding tart

I’m usually a stickler for following recipes. If I make amendments, it’s because I know they’ll work, or at least I’m pretty sure they won’t affect the final result too much. Building a recipe from scratch scares me, and so this latest product was something of a departure for me.

I’d got some pastry in the freezer left over from when I made Dan Lepard’s Granola Milk Tart (so good, I’ve made it many times before and doubled up the pastry to use with other fillings). I also had some pudding rice, and dessicated coconut that I’d been wanting to use up. So, I did some searching and ended up roughly combining another of Dan Lepard’s recipes with a recipe for a Rice Pudding Cake to produce my own rice pudding tart.

I blind baked the pasty case at 180C for 15 minutes with baking beans, then another 10 without. While that was happening, I made up the rice pudding mixture according to the quantities and method in the last link above, adding in about 75g dessicated coconut. It took about 20-25 minutes to thicken up, instead of the quoted 15. I then let it cool a bit, before slowly pouring (dripping) it into the beaten eggs to make sure they didn’t cook. I spread a layer of mixed-berry jam onto the pasty base, then poured the mixture on top, grated over some nutmeg, and popped it into the oven at 180C again.

I checked it after 10 minutes, and it was still very liquid, so I left it for another 10 minutes, after which it had become absolutely solid. I took it out, and left it to cool in the tart tin.

It’s an interesting result. It doesn’t taste much like coconut. Actually, it doesn’t taste like much at all. It’s also quite dry, so I over baked it. In future, I wouldn’t cook the rice pudding mixture for as long as I did. I was concerned that if the mixture wasn’t thick enough before whisking into the eggs that the tart might not set. But, having thought about it, if you’re making custard the cream and milk mixture is obviously very runny when added to the eggs, and it still thickens up. Considering this has rice in it too, I simply think it thickened too much, so the original recipe’s 15 minutes was probably right. I’d also use more coconut in future, and probably have a thicker layer of jam.

So, I’ve ended up with an interesting hybrid between a custard tart, rice pudding and Bakewell tart. It just needs a bit more wobble and flavour.

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