Chocolate passion cupcakes

Hot on the heels of my last “I don’t do alterations” post, I’ve broken my own rule by making some cupcakes that don’t quite follow the original recipe.

A couple of weekends ago, a friend came over with his vegan girlfriend. I’d never done intentionally-vegan baking before, so scoured around looking for recipes. Unfortunately, I only remembered Dan Lepard’s Chocolate Passion Cake recipe after they’d left, and ended up making the Just Chocolate Cake from the Post Punk Kitchen (which was actually really good). But I bookmarked Dan’s recipe, and set to it the other day.

The original recipe calls for baking the mixture in two tins, but I only have one, and decided that individual cakes would be better. As you’ll see above, the quantity made 24 mini-cakes. I iced half, and put the other half in the freezer. The temperature was quite hot the day I made them, and the icing seized up very quickly, so while the first few iced nicely, the last ones ended up a bit ragged. I topped them with some chocolate curls and fudge balls that I’ve had for ages.

As for ingredient changes, I used macademia nuts instead of pecans and replaced the boiling water in the recipe with orange juice. I like chocolate-orange as a combination, and have previously made Dan Lepard’s Chocolate Crumble Date Bar which used orange juice and dates to wonderful effect, I thought I’d port that combination across. Unfortunately, there is absolutely zero taste of orange juice in the end product. Perhaps boiling it denatures the taste? Oddly, the strongest taste comes from the ground ginger, which gives a nice little kick after a bite. The macademia’s provide texture, but little else, and what chocolate taste there is seems to come from the icing.

I also found the final result a bit oily; although they don’t taste oily – the paper cases soaked quite a bit up. They might have needed baking a bit longer, or perhaps it works best as a full-sized cake? So, inconclusive this time.

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