Raggy rolls

Earlier this week I made some spicy lamb burgers, but only today did it occur to me to make some proper burger baps to give the remaining burgers a suitable home. So, whipping out my cuttings, I pulled up Dan Lepard’s recipe for soft white baps that I’ve made a few times before, although not for a while.

If you’re about my age you might remember growing up with a kid’s TV show called Raggy Dolls about some misfit dolls rejected at the end of their production line. As you can see, these Raggy Rolls came out all shapes, sizes and colours too.

I made a few changes, subbing 100g of the white flour in the sponge for rye (and reducing the amount of white flour in the final dough by about 50g to compensate for the extra absorption of the rye), and using malt powder instead of sugar. These also marked a return to my using fresh yeast, after I rediscovered a bag of frozen fresh yeast at the back of my freezer. The usual conversion is something around 1g of instant = 2g of fresh, but given that it had been in the freezer for ages I took advice to err on the side of caution and doubled that, so I subbed in 4g of fresh for ever 1g of instant the recipe required.

The yeast worked admirably. After three hours I had a bubbly sponge, and the rolls rose nicely before and once popped in the oven. I scaled each roll to around 140g, which is just about right, perhaps a bit too heavy for a burger bap (you wouldn’t want more than one or two at a BBQ!). I took them out after about 17 minutes at 200C (fan assisted), and they’re ever so slightly undercooked, but will be lovely once lightly toasted. They have a nice soft, thin crust and a light crumb, just like those really cheap supermarket rolls you can buy, but without any of the additives. The photo has made the one at the back left look burnt, but it’s not that bad. I quite like the misshapen results. If I were running a bakery, I’d call them ‘rustic’ and add 50p onto the price.

My exams start next week and go until the end of May, so I may not have quite so much to blog about until then, depending on how well they go, and how much I need to get away from law books.

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