Apricot and cherry crumble

Tesco’s had a glut of reduced price whole apricots the other day, so I picked up a punnet intending to combine them somehow with the whole bitter almonds I have. In the end though I couldn’t find a recipe that used whole bitter almonds instead of extract, so I ended up mixing them with some cherries and turning them into a crumble for pudding.

I halved the apricots, removed the kernels, then chopped each half into quarters. The cherries got cut in half and stoned. I then mixed together a bit of sugar and flour and mixed the cherries and apricots into the flour and sugar mix. This got tipped into the baking dish, and had a couple of tablespoons of orange juice drizzled over. It as topped with a crumble topping that I made about two months ago and put in the freezer ready for a crumble occasion. It had about 30 minutes at 180C.

I was expecting the apricots to yield up more juice than they did, hence the flour, so was a little disappointed that it came up slightly dry. But the flavour was great. My flatmate thought it was too tart (usually my complaint), but I didn’t think that was an issue, and it didn’t stop us devouring more than would have been an ordinary portion.

Now, to find a use for those whole bitter almonds…

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