Pirate ship pound cake

Coming from Penzance, it was only natural that a party to celebrate the ending of my exams would be pirate themed. We had about 15 people over for the evening, which provided a great opportunity for preparing a buffet of pirate-themed food, the centre-piece of which was a pound cake shaped as a pirate ship:

I don’t usually go in for cake decorating, but I’m very pleased with how this turned out. The basic pound cake recipe came from here. I made the full amount and it made enough to fill my 2lb loaf tin (which I think is a bit bigger than standard 2lb loaf tins) and to make 12 cupcakes. I then sliced a block out of the middle of the cake, and placed it on the back to create the poop deck. I then sculpted the rest of the cake to make it into a cake shape. The chocolate frosting came from here, although I needed to add more double cream to get it to the right consistency. The railings and steps were chocolate fingers, and the rum barrels were rolos placed quickly on a hot tray to melt then stuck together. The masts were Mikado hazelnut sticks, and the sails were crackers that were baked in the inside of egg-rings to make the right shape. The beach was made off cake offcuts, and the sea was some royal icing coloured with blue colouring. The figurehead was a Cadbury’s caramel bunny. It was a lot of cake, but it was good.

My flatmate made some rum and raisin cupcakes using this recipe, but omitted the butter cream frosting in favour of the rum and raising purée from here. Some got covered in a simple rum and icing sugar icing, with chocolate raisins on top. We also made some caramel cashew popcorn pieces of eight, which were fantastic.

On the savoury side of things, we had meatballs, falafel, crackers, cheese, bread shots from Richard Bertinet’s Dough, chicken legs and thighs, and Cornish pasties:

As Saturday was such a lovely, and hot, day we decided to make some lemonade too, which went down very well. Although, using that recipe we ended up using 6 lemons and only 100g of sugar, so if made to the recipe I’d imagine it would be very sweet.

As ever, we massively over-catered, and will be living off pirate food for several days yet. I can think of worse fates.

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