Chocolate hazelnut custard muffins

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I posted about my go at making Dan Lepard’s “best chocolate muffin you’ll ever eat” using his chocolate custard muffins recipe. I said then that they were nearly perfect, but I wondered about using a nut-oil to mask what I thought was a slightly oily taste, and to impart a little more flavour. So, this weekend I revisited the recipe and set about making what I hoped would really be the best chocolate muffin you’ll ever eat.

There’s a Swedish shop in north London, called Totally Swedish, which stocks all sorts of wonderful and (to English eyes) strange baking goods from Sweden. When I was there, I bought a packet of what was called Hazelnut Nougat. However, it wasn’t at all like what I’d usually associate with nougat (the white, egg white based sweet studded with nuts). Instead, it was like a solid block of what I can really best describe as nut butter. Sadly I haven’t been able to find the same product on Google, but I did find a German recipe for brownies that used what seemed to be a similar product. Sadly I’ve now misplaced that website and haven’t been able to find it again, but the resulting brownies were delicious, so I thought I’d give the hazelnut nougat a go in this recipe.

Figuring that the nougat was more like butter than chocolate, I altered the quantities from the original so that I used 100g of nougat, 50g of chocolate and 50g of butter. I kept all the other quantities the same, but used hazelnut oil instead of sunflower.

To say these knocked my socks off would be an understatement; they’re fantastic, and they are quite possibly the best baked-good that I’ve turned out. The oily taste from the original has gone, and the hazelnut flavour is subtle but stands out against the chocolate. They’re light textured and moist. There’s really nothing not to like.

I think I can proclaim these to be the best chocolate muffins I’ve ever eaten. They even freeze well. I will be heading back to Totally Swedish to stock up on nougat!

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One Response to Chocolate hazelnut custard muffins

  1. Joanna says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog here 🙂 Found you quite by chance. I love Totally Swedish as they have proper marzipan paste and you can get sweet baking yeast there too. But I don’t remember this hazlenut nougat, sounds wonderful… I will have to have a look for some next time I’m in London. Best wishes, and thank you for your sweet thank you note. Joanna

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